Is fostering right for you?

I love dogs, I love dogs more than people or work or food. I spend a considerable part of my time on Facebook checking out cute dog photos and videos. I love dogs so much that I have chosen to start a business where I can be surrounded by dogs. I guess that makes me the crazy dog lady.

So if I love dogs so much why am I so resistant to foster as many dogs as I can in order to help save them? I guess because I’ve fostered twice and failed miserably both times? I just can’t give them up and have them leave my world, it absolutely crushes me. I have to give successful foster parents a ton of credit for the work they do; I have met and read about fosters who take in dogs, rehabilitate them, raise them, love them, shower them with love and affection – sometimes for months and even years and then are able to give them over to their furever home. How do they do it? I am just really selfish?

I am a huge proponent of adopt don’t shop and hate to see dogs languishing in shelters. I know the shelters (mostly) take good care of their tenants but these puppies still deserve to be in a loving, caring home. So I look on almost helplessly and have decided that rather than fostering, I will raise money through my pet treat business to give back via donations to help the shelters/organization with the housing, nurturing and fostering of these puppies until they can find their families.

How does fostering and dog adoption fit into your life or does it? Have  you ever fostered before and were you a fail or a success? I’m curious to know.