Bandit Bitez Gives Back

With every punchcard redeemed Bandit Bitez will give back to local pet organizations. Buy More. Give More.

You Asked! We Delivered!

You can now buy our treats online.

Your furbaby can hardly wait.

Our Awesome Treats

What’s all the fuss about? Not only are our treats healthy, wholesome and cool. They are also super fun!


Our cool and heathy puppy fro-yo is the perfect treat on a hot summer’s day.

Grain Free

We get it. Your pooch doesn’t do well with grains. No worries! With Bandit Bitez they will never have to go without.

Gluten Free

If your pooch has an issue with gluten, it’s no problem. Bandit Bitez offers tasty gluten free treats. Fido won’t event know the difference.


Our treats are sourced from only the best “barkeries” in the country. All treats are made in-house with wholesome and healthy ingredients.





Ran into Lisa a few times now at different dog friendly events. My pup absolutely loves her fro yo! It’s also the only sweet treat I’ve found that it completely fine with my husky’s sensitive stomach. I love this product and will be buying It often now. Definitely recommend giving it a try!!.


My dog LOVES their fro-yo! I just bought some of their new flavor this morning, blueberry salmon, and I couldn’t wait to have my dog try it. She absolutely loves it. I love being able to buy my fur baby a fun treat! Especially fun on these hot summer days! We will be buying fro-yo often!.

Dewey and the Crew

Yum! Puppy Fro-Yo!!!! We love it!



I’m hungry and my nose is clean now. I love my Bandit Bitez fro-yo – I give it twenty stars!

Giving Back